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„to the point“ 2-days online workshop with Berlin architect and interior designer Kristin Engel


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When your high quality standards meet high profession

When your high quality standards meet high profession

You long for gorgeous as well as thought-through interior design and finally want to start your home makeover but don’t know how? Then this workshop is for you! 

I’ll guide you through the first important steps to your premium rooms. Quick and to the point exercises will help you to figure out the basics to develop your unique home, so you can concentrate on the next stages without being overwhelmed.



Functional & beautiful rooms that are high class and react to all your needs will be easy to achieve after I showed you how in our „start like an architiect“ workshop. No wondering where to start and how to continue anymore. No fear of making wrong decisions that cost money and time anymore.

2 days „to the point“ workshops:

Wednesday – April, 26th 2023

45 minutes live workshop (recording available)

We analyze and work through important questions you should figure out before you start the design process to get a solid plan for your project.

Masterclass + Exercises + Q&A

Get confident and prepared for your next steps!

Thursday – April, 27th 2023

45 minutes live workshop (recording available)

How would a home you adore feel like? We have a look at the components that influence the atmosphere of your rooms.

Masterclass + Exercises + Q&A

Be ready to design the home you love!

High value and architectural support

Start your project! With me by your side you’ll benefit from my more than 15 years of experience as an architect and interior designer. We’ll dive deep and I’ll give you a lot of basic knowledge you need to know to start making your home an amazing functional & fabulous place. 

Get a clear step-by-step plan

No „But where to start?“-moments anymore after you checked Pinterest for inspiration. You’ll get a clear overview. At the end you’ll know what works best for you and how to start your project without being overwhelmed and feeling helpless. Just full of motivation!

Workshops without fluff

Your time is limited, and so is mine. I am here to give you best guidance in shortest amount of time. No fluff and only „to the point“ workshops. Recordings and workbooks that gather all important knowledge and help you to get your work done. 

STUDIO KRISTIN ENGEL is „best of interior 2022“ winner

This event is for you if you…

…you love sophisticated design and architecture, functional & fabulous, but you miss the professional basics

…you want a space that reflects your needs AND your personality but you don’t know how to start

…you like to learn how to bring in simplicity & beauty but you can’t decide what’s really necessary

… you want to find peace & balance at home but think it’s not possible because of your chaotic family life

…you want to upgrade your home and make it high class but you are afraid of making the wrong decisions

…you spend days on Pinterest but you don’t know how to create your own unique style

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Life is too short to watch lovely homes only on Pinterest! Make it real!

Get inspired! What former participants say:

The weekly videos were clear and precise, the workbooks were a great addition (I printed everything out twice, for the future), the possibility of questions and live chat or answers was the „cherry on the cake“.

— Beatrice Szekely

A great course to start doing something and trying out instead of just thinking about it. The help you get pushes you in the right direction and makes it a lot easier than trying to get the knowledge yourself. And as a highlight – everything that is beautiful and cozy can also be well thought through and functional.

— Andrea Werner

The spontaneous drawings by Kristin were the best because that helps to realise how minimal changes in interior (like moving furniture or adding something) affect the overall picture. That was great. Especially because they were real case studies – mega!

— Anna Koschinski

An overall explain things in a way that makes perfect sense and clearly explains the connection between „home“ and who you (or your family) are. It made it easy to see how to plan your house with a foundation rather than using bandaid solutions.

— Jodi Pronk

The course was very inspiring with a lot of professional input. I found the workbooks in particular very appealing and informative.
With her sympathetic manner Kristin made me feel very comfortable in the course. I approach the design of my home with many new ideas. I found it particularly great how she responded to our questions in the Q&A and, above all, the preparation of sketches to better illustrate.

— Doris Furlan

I am very happy that Kristin has redesigned my flat! I just couldn’t imagine what it would look like with a new wall, but Kristin encouraged me through her great drawings to take the plunge. And what can I say? It turned out really great, and I just think I should have done it much sooner!

— Kristin Graf

I feel super inspired and super motivated to implement the changes I have in mind. I am working on my mood board and can’t wait.

— Roxana Hlodec

I feel less overwhelmed and definitely braver than before. Before, I felt quite insecure and didn’t know where and how to begin. Right now I’m sitting here at my desk, working on my mood board, feeling inspired and trying to find my own style. Thank you Kristin so much for this great workshop and for reassuring us to be creative and to trust in our abilities!

— Melina Görken

You have more questions about the event?

When does the event start?

The live workshop days will be on April 26th and 27th 2023. But I’ll send you your first exercise the day before so you have the chance to warm up a little bit. Sign up today and you’ll not miss anything! And if you can’t come live you’ll have the chance to watch the recordings so you don’t miss amazing content! I also created workshops for you that will help you for all your future design projects.

What time will the training sessions take place?

That depends on your timezone, we’ll have people from all around the world. I scheduled the live workshops for 12 pm  CET so that European participants could use their lunch break to be trained. And don’t worry, if you can’t find the time to be with us live, you’ll have access to the recordings for a limited time. But I’ll promise you it’s worth it to come because that’s how you can ask your questions and get my live answers.

Do I need to have any experience to join the event?

Definitely not! I am there to guide you through the lessons and to give answer to all your questions. This workshop is for everyone who is interested in having a beautiful home and wants finally start the process, no matter what age, stage or place. So take that amazing chance and start preparing your best home ever!

Do I have to pay to take part?

No, it costs absolutely nothing. It’s an incredible opportunity to get high architectural support for free and to take the first steps to your perfect home. This unique event is highly practical and has huge value. You’ll get incredible architectural support and precious insights. Don’t miss out! Architect’s super power!

More questions? Feel free to contact me!

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Take the first steps to the best home you ever had.

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