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Upgrade your home to first class!

Iconic Home – self-paced course

Architectural Premium Course

750 € incl. VAT

(3 x 255 € incl. VAT or

6 x 127 € incl. VAT)

„Iconic Home – Design your best home ever“

In strategic easy steps to a place where you find the balance and beauty you long for!

Your little luxury, only a few steps ago.

Imagine there is a place that means pure happiness to you. Where time seems to stand still.

You open the door to your home and a little shower of joy runs down your back. Immediately calm returns and cosiness surrounds you. This is your home, your place! Here you find balance and peace, here you are free!

Wouldn’t that be wonderful?

Wouldn’t that change your everyday life forever?

My easy way to work on your home

We’ll go through the architectural design process, from first ideas to you finished project and will have a look at your entire house.

Listen, I really often hear: „I think I don’t have time for that!“ And being mom of two little girls at the age of 3 and 5, working full-time (and more) as an architect I really, really know how that feels! But I don’t want you to miss the chance to get that home you always dreamed of only because you’re a mom that takes care for others, juggling homeschooling, job and household at the same time. Guess what those moms need most?! Exactly, a home they adore! Where they feel worthy, find balance and joy! And a tiny luxury break from daily chaos!

That’s why I created a program that’s easy to join, even when you don’t find time and guides you step by step and safe to your wonderful new home. You don’t need much time, you don’t need any skills and you don’t have to be creative (but did I told you that you ARE creative?)

Developing your design with clear strategy: Unit by unit you’ll take the next step to the rooms you always dreamed of, starting with the first ideas to a home you never want to miss again.

Lessons on demand: Step by step lessons that guide you through every stage of your design process and teach you the important topics you need to get the atmosphere and outcome you’ll adore.

Live time access to library: All the lessons and masterclasses for you, whenever you like to watch them.

Bonus masterclasses: We have wonderful bonus masterclasses for you! Vivi Boorregaard Adamz will introduce you into her decluttering system that helps you to make space for peace and happiness. Galerist Susanne Höhne will be with us, who shows you how to place art at home and I’ll bring you my course „OfficeLove“ to make your workspace a place you’ll love. So huge extra knowlegde for you!

Self-paced program with architectural high class content!

You’ll investigate each corner of your home, figuring out functions, spatial zones and your own needs and demands. See how things are flowing and everything belongs to each other. It’s the basic of well thought through design! When this is done, we’ll open the huge tool box of design! Because we don’t only want to design your home, we want to create an atmosphere, a feeling, your best home ever!


Unit 1: Defining Spaces and Zones

You will learn all the details you need about…

space psychology and space perception

spatial character

room functions

tasks for your own implementation

Unit 2: Arranging furniture

It’s time to choose and place your interior and to look at…

space requirement



tasks for your own implementation

Unit 3: Adding colours & materials

We add perfect colours and materials for a unique style…

color psychology

combining colors & materials

tasks for your own implementation

Unit 4: Creating atmospheres

Let’s create moods and dive into the amazing details of…



tasks for your own implementation

Unit 5: Bring it all togehter!

Time to bring it all together and to finish your wonderful design!

Self-paced course

Architectural Premium Content

750 € incl. VAT

(3 x 255 € incl. VAT or

6 x 127 € incl. VAT )

Spring is there, summer is coming! Imagine how that could feel in that lovely home you always dreamed of. Great, right?! 

This is what you’ll get:

More balance, more energy, more happiness and a new favourite place!

I know how important it is to have a place that nurtures you and looks amazing. That envelops and warms you inside like a cozy blanket. A place where you can find a few minutes of time out every day to gather new energy, to find balance, to immerse yourself, to find rest and to come to yourself. You’ll get that all! Because we’ll create a wonderful home, you’re looking for every single day. It’s your little luxury, only a few steps ago. 

These are your big benefits:

Work with an architect, get a simple to follow plan and personal support!

This program makes it super easy to create the well thought through home you always dreamed of. Because I as a professional will guide you through these 10 weeks/5 units and will give you a step by step strategy. I designed that unique program for you so it fits to your life and needs. This is why it’s easy to follow and time saving even for beginners but has a huge outcome because you’ll get the personal support of an architect.

This is how it works:

Amazing design units, exercises and masterclasses!

This program will be a comfortable for you! You’ll cover all the important topics that I’ll bring you in several short videos. You’ll get exercises that don’t need a lot of time to implement but will bring you a huge step forward and make it easier for you to follow the process. No overwhelming moments anymore, no time wasting testing! Every second week you’ll get access to a new chapter, to develop your beautiful and functional home.

Tidying up can be so easy if you use Vivi’s decluttering system. She’ll teach us how to declutter with strategy.

Time to make space for love, happiness and balance. Declutter your home!

One question that really often comes up: How to place your art at home? You’ll learn how to arrange paintings and frames!

Art nurtures us and makes our home unique. Become confident in placing now!

This year is special and maybe you realized that not only your home should be lovely, also your home office needs an upgrade.

More than 400 people joined my „OfficeLove“ workshop and you’ll get it as a bonus on top!

This summer you’ll have that wonderful hideaway that makes your holidays perfect!

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Vogue, August 2020

„Berlin based architect Kristin Engel creates unique, sensitive and highly practical spaces that reflect the residents personality as well as the character of the place. The typical Berlin atmosphere of her designs are a perfect answer to home owners from all around the world.“

House & Garden, June 2020

STUDIO KRISTIN ENGEL is Berlin based and designs beautiful spaces that reflect the personality and lifestyle of their inhabitants. Combining the clear language of architecture and heartfelt interior design is essential part of their work when creating places that fulfil the individual needs of their clients.

Get inspired! What former participants say:

Kristin truly rocked our home! Best decision ever to participate in her workshop. We had a room in our new house that was so ugly that I was hiding it from friends. Kristin listened, understood our needs and captured our style with unbelievable professionalism. She is such a generous source of inspiration, knowledge and motivation. And such a warm and wonderful human being who truly cares. Kristin helped me to transform that said room and it has now become my most favorite place in the house. I’m so proud of what we achieved! I loved the whole journey and feel so much more confident in my design choices since I took her course.

– Donya Ravasani –

Taking part in the course was a very good decision! Kristin is a great (interior) architect and teacher who takes time individually for everyone. Her personal feedback in the meeting – it was fantastic! Thanks to your prgram, I have received great impulses, which I will also implement piece by piece, I am very motivated.

It was a very inspiring experience – thank you!

– Bernadette Bideau –

The course helped me focus on our space to make changes in a short amount of time, and encouraged me to look at the possibilities for our space in a new way. I’m feeling more confident and willing to experiment, particularly with small things (like cushions) that aren’t expensive or difficult to change. I really like your „teaching“ style, Kristin! You have structured way to think about things with a very authentic and approachable manner.

-Katie  Sprangers –

If you are thinking of making your home cozy , then this is the course for you! You will create a lovely home , one space at a time and get step by step guidance along the way! The best thing: The live calls and getting to see other people’s spaces. Thank you so much for the wonderful opportunity to learn from you ! I really absolutely appreciate it and cannot wait to resume working on my entryway after the holidays!

– Phiwi Moyo –

A great course to start doing something and trying out instead of just thinking about it. The help you get pushes you in the right direction and makes it a lot easier than trying to get the knowledge yourself. And as a highlight – everything that is beautiful and cozy can also be well thought through and functional.

-Andrea Werner –

The spontaneous drawings by Kristin were the best because that helps to realise how minimal changes in interior (like moving furniture or adding something) affect the overall picture. That was great. Especially because they were real case studies – mega!

– Anna Koschinski –

The course was very inspiring with a lot of professional input. I found the workbooks in particular very appealing and informative.
With her sympathetic manner Kristin made me feel very comfortable in the course. I approach the design of my home with many new ideas. I found it particularly great how she responded to our questions in the weekly Q&A and, above all, the preparation of sketches to better illustrate.

– Doris Furlan –

The weekly videos were clear and precise, the workbooks were a great addition (I printed everything out twice, for the future), the possibility of questions and live chat or answers was the „cherry on the cake“.

– Beatrice Szekely –

you want to have a first class home for you and your family, but you don’t know how to combine all the pieces of the puzzle and turn it into a place that suits everyone

I am your architectural mentor who will work with you to develop amazing ideas to design the house you have always dreamed of.


… you’re always struggling with designing your home and don’t want to invest so much time and money anymore

From now on you’ll have a clear strategy and my professional support, time and money saving.


… you want to have a home that is both functional and fabulous and great designed

As an architect I know exactly how that works and that great design means „form follows function“


… you want to design a beautiful home on a budget but think it’s not possible and the investment to high

As an architect I know most projects have a tight budget. It is a the more important to have an expert by your side who will help you make the right decisions, get you to your beautiful new home quickly and help you avoid design mistakes.


you don’t want to go with the latest fashions, you want high value and a timeless design that will also fit in 20 years‘ time. But you’re not sure how to do it.

Here is your place! It is my aim to develop a timeless and wonderful home that you will love today and in 20 years.


… you feel helpless designing your home because you don’t know where to start and how to go about it

Now you’ll follow my professional guideline and strategy that helps you get your dream home.


… you already found your dream home but now you’re struggling with designig it. You want to make it a perfect place.

No more fear of making the wrong design decisions. We create that special place together.


…you want to live in a unique place that totally refects you and your needs and makes you happy

I am the one who helps you figuring out what you really need, because you only feel home when you identify with your surrounding.


… you want to become much more confident and brave in designing your unique home

I bring you my architectural knowledge and design principles that you can use wherever you want


... you want to live and/or work in a house that is well structured and that you love, even if it is small and crowded

You can have that too! It’s not a glossy magazine myth. I’ll show you how to do it!


… you want your own personal safe haven – small or large – where you can find balance, happiness and peace

Your surroundings affect your feelings and thoughts and we’ll create a space that makes you proud and happy


… you want to design in your own tempo or don’t have much time but want high class mentoring anyway

That’s your perfect program! A money and time saving way to the home you always dreamed of.

You have more questions about the event?

When does the event start?

Now! Woohoooo… immediately after you signed-up you’ll get access to unit 1. So you can start this weekend to work on your beautiful new home. Every second week we’ll open the door to the next unit (unit 2-5). So you can take enough time to develop your ideas and to benefit from the brand new material I create for my mentoring students.

Do I need to have any experience to join the self-paced program?

Definitly not! I created a system that guides you through the lessons with ease and gives you answer to all your questions. This workshop is for everyone who is interested in having a cozy, beautiful home, no matter what age, stage or place.

I don’t have a lot of time, makes it sense to join?

The program will be separated into different units you can go through in your own tempo. The unites will be splitted into small videos – easy to consume, on demand whenever you find time. Perfect if you have to deal with family life or busy business. The worksbooks and booklets help you to develop your design quick and with strategy.

Save your spot

and get your exclusive self-paced course to design the home you always dreamed of

You want it VIP? Ask for my premium offer and get it all done for you

Limited offer – 5 seats only!

Kristin Engel, Dipl.-Ing. (Univ.) Architektin –  Alt-Mariendorf 53 – DE 12107 Berlin – hello@studiokristinengel.com